An Automated Turnkey Program

Explore how the technology automates the program making it easy for you
to deliver education, resources & more to your audience.

The InterAct LifeLine program

InterAct LifeLine is a turnkey solution that is branded for your organization and comes setup and ready to launch.  No technical expertise is required to manage the portal technology that is supported with an online knowledgebase and help desk.

Add & Manage People

Automate inviting and adding people to the portal.  Segment people into types to give them a customized journey and access to the program and content resources that best relate to them.

Message and Outreach

Outreach to your audience with automated emails & newsletters, text-based messages and notifications  Track if they received messages, opened them and took action.

Continuous Content Feed

Choose content categories from a centralized asset library to automatically receive articles, videos, reports and more.  Content categories cover wellness strategies, recovery support, family support strategies and more.

Support Group Meetings

Add your Zoom, Teams or BlueJeans license to the portal and automate support group webinars.  People sign up, get info to attend, can add them to their calendars and receive reminders.

Attract Sponsors

Promote organizations, businesses and individuals that sponsor you by offering directory listings, advertising and customized branded pages.

Personalized Calendars

Each member of the portal has a personalized calendar to keep track of support groups, appointments & more with reminders to attend.  Administrators can add commitments to individual or group calendars.

Private, Secure, Compliant

Personal data is protected including a privacy center for individuals to see data kept on them and to opt out of receiving messages or having data shared.  HIPAA and ADA compliant.

Discussion Forums

Offer discussion forums for people to share ideas and ask questions.  Forums are organized into topics, made available to specific member types, with email updates on discussions.

Analyze Interactions

The technology analyzes all interactions with content, attendance in online groups, receipt of emails, forms and surveys and more.  Use the reports to document how your program is working.

Connections to Therapy or Counseling

Add a telehealth connection to therapists or counselors that you provide or can be provided for you.  Connect individuals to a nationwide network of treatment programs.

Family Counseling

Add a telehealth connection to family therapists or counselors that you provide or can be provided for you.  Connect families to a nationwide network of family support programs.

Medication Assisted Therapy

Connect individuals to tele-psychiatry services to manage prescriptions for medicated assisted therapy for addiction and mental health treatment.