We support our citizens in fighting the Opioid Crisis and substance misuse

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Opioid Prevention & Recovery Support

Our Opioid Prevention and Recovery Support program addresses the opioid crisis and increasing rates of overdose deaths in our county by keeping our citizens connected to extended treatment services, online recovery communities, and family support programs. Our portal delivers a continuous stream of substance awareness, prevention strategies and wellness education to keep you informed.

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SafetyNet™ for Prevention

The SafetyNet™  program is a prevention program designed to help parents use mobile technology to keep your kids accountable and safe through scheduling commitments, location tracking, check ins, and monitoring their web activity.  For those parents who struggle to afford a smart phone and monthly plan, we help those that qualify through the Affordable Connectivity Program get free service to participate in SafetyNet.

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Family Support Program

Families who are struggling with the impact of having a loved one struggling with opioid or other substance misuse issues gain support and guidance through the Family Support Program.  Get connected to education and strategies about how to support your loved one, have access to online family support groups, and access the services of family counselors.

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Recovery Support Program

Individuals who have received in-patient treatment for opioid addiction or who are attempting to maintain their recovery need additional help and support.  The Recovery Support Program helps individuals structure their week and promotes accountability as they balance their work, family and recovery commitments.  Online support groups and telehealth visits with counselors keeps individuals connected to a strong support system to maintain a solid recovery program.  The content library provides an on-going feed of wellness education and adulting and life skills content.

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